Why is Wine Serving Knowledge Important?

Lesson 1 -Why is Wine Serving Knowledge Important?

It is not hard to guess why wine service in a restaurant is important — is it?

It’s all about feeling appreciated and money! A guest may not always know the “proper” way to perform wine service but they always have an opinion about whether your service was good or bad

Perform your service the way we suggest and nine times out of ten, the guest will think you are doing it the “right way”. If they question why you are doing something a certain way, explain why you were taught to do it that way and ask them how they would suggest you do it.

Your attitude and actions should be designed to make friends with your guests; to make them feel important

Only educate a guest about these wine guidelines if they seem to ask for an explanation genuinely. Don’t correct them if they are wrong or think differently than you were taught.

Money! Accolades for Me!