Course Goals

Who should take this course?

Our target audience is for servers in restaurants who are relatively new to the service industry. We are not trying to make Sommeliers out of all servers, but if someone is stimulated by the wine world and what they learn here, we certainly encourage them to go on and learn more about the wine industry and they ways they can participate. We even provide a list of recommended resources at the end of the course for further wine learning if you are interested.

Primary Goals of this Course

For each graduating student to be recognized by guests as knowledgeable about professional wine service and recognized for their ability to adapt that knowledge to service appreciated by the customer and within the resources of the dining establishment

Course Objectives

For students:

  • To understand the recommended ways to present, open and pour wine.
  • To be familiar with the equipment, resources, and vocabulary needed in serving wine.
  • To be aware of when to vary the best wine serving practices according to local work circumstances
  • To be able to assist guests in their selection of wines 
  • To have the guest appreciate and value the server for his/her knowledge and service

Lesson Format

Lessons are comprised of text to read, illustrative images to view, and supplementary videos to watch.

At the end of each lesson, there is a brief quiz to reinforce learning and then at the end of the 10 lessons, there is a 50-question test to certify, if you wish, that you have taken and passed the course.

This course emphasizes two major wine server activities

  • Displaying, opening, serving, and pouring wines correctly
  • Understanding wine/food pairing principles in order to make recommendations to guests about what food wines to choose

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