Wines other than still wines

Introduction to Lesson  6  

Specialty Wines -Sparkling, Dessert, and  Older Vintage Red Wines

Up to this point, we have mostly discussed still wines (no carbonation), usually white or red wines; sometimes rosé wines. But there are some other types of wines that may need different treatment.

Sparkling wines may be initial toasting or greeting wines consumed first before any food. They may also be celebratory wines (birthdays, anniversaries) consumed sometime during the dining experience. 

Sparkling wines, usually those with some degree of sweetness,  can also be dessert wines served at the end of the meal with desserts or any sweet finishers.

Dessert wines can also be without carbonation and are served in different glasses.

Finally, as we previously mentioned, older red wines can require different treatment from younger red and white wines.

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