Equipment and Resources

Lesson 2 – Know Your Equipment and Restaurant Resources

Topics covered in this lesson: Glasses, Containers, and Tools, Wines in Stock, People/Knowledge to Turn To, Vocabulary and Pronunciation

You will need to know what wine equipment and accessories are available in your restaurant. Every setting is different and while we may tell you to use a decanter in a certain situation, if one is not available where you are serving wine, you will have to adjust.

Every restaurant also has a different selection of wine. The different amounts of wine in stock and different types of wine a restaurant has varies tremendously depending upon the type of establishment and its geographical location. You will need to know the different wines available to your customers and especially if any bottles on the wine menu are out of stock.

When you get questions about wine that you can’t answer, who do you turn to who might know those answers?

And finally, you must know how to correctly pronounce the names of wines that guests might order, or at least the ones on your wine menu. Nothing shows a lack of training like a  mispronunciation of a wine name or grape varietal.

That’s a lot to know!